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 a peek into the souls of your loved ones, capturing their  MONSTROUS personality!


The FULL Monster D experience! where adults or children draw along with me, for a fun night or eye opening class series! 

Monsters On Demand

Monster Class



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I am Monster D, Master of Monsters! And I am here to entertain and engage you in monstrously fun, creative and inspiring ways, which will unlock those powers and good feelings inside you! 

In 2014, I began the "Kaiju  A Day" project to sharpen the MONSTROUS ability within. For the entire year, I drew a brand new giant monster every single day. These monsters inspired me to don the cape and cap! I resumed my daily kaiju drawings in 2016, never ceasing until 2021! Now, I am here to bring you a sense of wonder of monster drawing! 


     Beyond my daily drawings, I was trained in traditional and computer animation at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I have taken workshops in caricature, animal anatomy, figure and life drawing, and spent years drawing Five Minute Monsters for convention goers across Pennsylvania and beyond. I have 18 years experience in child development, including class assistant teaching experience, developing and implementing curriculum,  studying child psychology and behavior. I have been trained in CPR, First Aid, Fire Safety, and spent way too many times walking in the woods at night, possibly being followed by a few monsters! 


Thank you and stay MONSTROUS!

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