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August Theme

Children will learn the basic anatomy of a praying mantis, and learn dynamic ways to draw these unique creatures, to make them all the more MONSTROUS! 



Mantis Mayhem

Sign up for each Kaiju Kid class by clicking the icons next to the description. You will be sent to my calendar app, which will take you through payment.  Each class is four sessions long. You will recieve a link to schedule the next class in the series, at the end of each session. You can choose for your child, as you go, when each session will occur, all for your convenience! 


Preferred Materials list 

September Theme

Children  will learn all about the beauty of  Metamorphosis, as they practice drawing insects in their various life changes, resulting in some truly fluttery monster drawings!

Amazing Changes


11 x 17 Canson Mixed Media  sketchbook

chisel tip Sharpie markers, black
(or just a big, black marker)

Sakura Pigma Graphic .2 and .3 chisel marker
(or just smaller black marker)

multipic color highlighters, Sharpie or Bic

Parents are strongly encouraged to help children to keep all materials together, in a safe, memorable place, that is out of reach of any younger siblings. 



order the Kaiju Kids bundle, through Amazon, as you check-out. Please allow up to one to two weeks for delivery. 

While each Kaiju Class has a specific goal, there is no guarantee of a full, completed drawing image. The biggest emphasis here is on a child's self confidence and creative development through directed, creative exploration. Results may vary. 

All Kaiju Kids classes are for ages 6 to 12 years and welcome a mixed age environment. Monster D encourages equality and acceptance of all genders, races and religions. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Individual child behavior and correction are the sole responsibilities of the legal parent or guardian. 

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