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Atomic Adult classes are a one night event with a one time payment. Each class is $50, not including full materials list. You can choose to have items shipped to you via an Amazon bundle or, if local, pick them up at UNCLE ELI'S!


Funny Faces

In Funny Faces, learn the basics of drawing a realistic human face... then turn it MONSTROUS, for what may well be the perfect Profile Picture, for some seriously SCARY social media! 


Scary Still Life

With Scary Still Life, we take real life, MONSTROUS objects, and stretch our minds to make them even more so! This class will help you to both see and create things you never thought possible!


Monster Mates

Nothing says love like turning each other into MONSTERS! Learn to use the things your partner fancies most, to create monstrously memorable images! 

Preferred Materials list 

11 x 17 Canson Mixed Media  sketchbook

chisel tip Sharpie markers, black
(or just a big, black marker)

Sakura Pigma Graphic .2 and .3 chisel marker
(or just smaller black marker)

multipic color highlighters, Sharpie or Bic


 order my materials bundle, selected for your specific class. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


 Atomic Adult classes are all about fun, growing self confidence and artistic exploration. Everyone works at a different pace. As such, there is no guarantee of a full, finished piece at the end. This is about enjoying yourself and making MONSTROUS memories! 

All Atomic Adult classes are for adults age 18 and up. Monster D remains a family oriented entity. Adult participants are asked to refrane from including minors in any activities involving alcohol or other age restricted substances. Monster D is an inclusive entity. Discrimination based on age, gender, race or religion will not be tolerated.At any time, if Monster D deems a participant's behavior to be disruptive, he may terminate said participant's camera in class, without warning and without refund.

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